Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy - Hughes Dental Group - Campbell, CA

When the nerve of a tooth has been infiltrated by extensive tooth decay or infection, the only option to save tooth structure is through root canal therapy. This treatment is designed to end pain while saving the tooth and root, avoiding the many health issues associated with missing teeth, and the invasive procedures needed to treat them. Our Campbell dental office ensures patients achieve maximum comfort when receiving root canal therapy.

Contact Hughes Dental Group for professional care, relieving your toothaches and dental decay. Our conservative treatments are tailored to address the specific needs of each patient, protecting natural tooth structure for a lifetime. 

What is Root Canal Therapy?

In this procedure, your dentist removes infected tissue which has spread to the inner structure of your teeth. Your dentist begins by numbing the tooth, ensuring you are comfortable, then accesses the pulp chamber to remove the harmful bacteria. The tooth is then filled with material that keeps out bacteria and restores full strength to the tooth. A crown is then fashioned and seal the treated areas and ensures full dental function and renewed beauty. Hughes Dental Group creates your custom crown using our in house lab the same day as your root canal treatment.

You may need root canal treatment if:
You have an abscess on your gums.
You feel increased sensitivity to hot and cold.
You are experiencing toothaches.
You notice tenderness or swelling around your face or jaw area
An accident or injury damages a tooth.

After treatment, your dentist will be able to provide medication to relieve any temporary discomfort. Inflammation around the tooth will diminish as the tooth heals, and you will be able to resume a normal bite. 

Why Do dentists Try to Save Teeth from Decay and Damage?

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath begins to lose density. This can lead to further tooth loss, shifting of healthy teeth out of their optimal positions, and changes in your facial appearance. To avoid these and other dental health problems, an implant is needed to take the place of the missing tooth and ensure the continued stability of your bite. Root canal therapy is always the better choice, and with our experienced dentists these treatments are simple, safe and have a very high success rate. 

A Commitment to Quality Treatment

Our Campbell practice is dedicated to comfort and patient education for all our treatments. We inform you of all your options when restoring teeth and help you understand each step of treatment. Call us today and experience our care!