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Dental Implant Restorations in Campbell 

When teeth are absent, it can affect more than your self-confidence. Missing teeth can lead to imbalanced dental function, making everyday activities such as speaking and eating difficult. Drs. William Brownridge, Dr. Warthen Douglass, Dr. Thomas Hughes, Dr. Clifford Marks, and Dr. Marina Rozhavsky, are your experienced team of dental professionals who are dedicated to rejuvenating the beauty and function of patients smiles through restorative dental care.

If you or a loved one requires top-quality implant-supported bridges, dentures, or crowns for the finalization of your tooth replacement treatment, contact Hughes Dental Group in Campbell today. 

Implant Restoration Options at Hughes Dental Group

Dental implant treatment is one of most sought-after methods for replacing teeth. Properly placed implants provide long-lasting comfort and stability. Our nearby specialists ensure that the prosthetic implant process is as safe and predictable as possible. Once the placement procedure is complete, and patients’ replacements have fused to the jawbone, our dental professionals will apply your newly customized restoration.

No matter the extent of your needs, our practice offers the following implant-supported restorations:

Implant Crowns
Hybrid Dentures

Our restorations are developed by our in-house dental lab and perfected to your specific needs. At Hughes Dental Group, we only use the highest-quality materials to match your teeth’s natural aesthetic. These prosthetics are also durable enough to withstand everyday use. With a strong oral hygiene regiment and bi-annual visits to our practice; dental implants can last for decades. 

The Advantages of Implant Restorations

Dental implants enhance more than your aesthetics. These replacements are fabricated with biocompatible titanium posts that act as natural tooth roots. In a process called osseointegration, jawbone density and strength are naturally encouraged as the living tissue fuses with implant posts placed within the jawbone structure.

Patients can once again return to normalcy with the comfort of a healthy bite. Our implant-supported replacements look entirely natural, providing our patients with a renewed sense of confidence and diminishing the discomfort that comes with missing teeth. 

Implant restorations are permanent. They do not require removal for everyday activities but allow you to continue brushing and flossing as with normal teeth. 

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If you or a loved one are looking to replace missing teeth, our entire dental team is happy to discuss the benefits of dental implants and many advances of our custom-made restorations.

At Hughes Dental Group, our five dedicated dentists work together to help patients of all ages in the Campbell community as well as the surrounding areas.